Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ceramic Bottle Cap Shaped Coasters from Creativity Happens

Ceramic Bottle Cap Shaped Coasters with cork center are charming and unique. The cork center absorbs moisture and keeps your furniture safe. 
Measurement: 4" round

This listing is for ONE coaster = $10.00
Set of 4 = $32.00 (please message me for a special coupon code to receive discount)

2 blue
2 red 

These coasters are made in stages. They begin as clay (slip) and are cast into a mold and fired at high heat to form bisque. Then it is painted and decorated with paint and/or glaze, again to go through the kiln and fired a second time to a higher temp so the glaze will mature. It takes approximately another 24 hours to cool. 

*While in the kiln some of the speckles can pop and land in unexpected areas throughout the kiln. We call those happy-accidents adding more proof that these are one of a kind and handmade. 

Creativity Happens has many ceramics to choose from. We hope you will display them with pride in your home, office or give as a gift. They are sure to bring a smile to everyone.

- I am HAPPY to ship worldwide, please send me your address for a quote. 

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